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Sneezing, Itching, Children Wheezing?

Children and babies are recognised as the most vulnerable group to suffer from mite-related allergic diseases.

They spend a good deal of their day in their beds, so ensuring these are mostly allergen-free by eliminating the 'bugs' is the only prevention to the allergies.

The mite considers its droppings as food and deposits enzymes therein to help break it down.

These digestive enzymes play a role in causing allergies and disease in your children and yourselves, in that they have the ability to kill delicate defense cells in your blood stream, the enzymes enter the body and continue the journey using the bloodstream causing damage to defense cells.

The UV-C light's germicidal power replicates the natural outdoor purification system of the sun by destroying the allergy and disease causing microbes living and multiplying on and below the surface of your mattress.

Used in combination with a powerful "HEPA filtered extraction device", Fresh Concentrated UV Cleaning offers the most effective way to eliminate the health risks the dust mite and bacteria represent.

Did you know that approx. one third of the weight of a used pillow can be attributed to mites and their feces?

Provide your kids and loved ones with a sanitised, hygienic and allergen-free sleep space, contact us today!

"no dust or mites...just peaceful nights!"

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