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Beds Are Your Business!

Our mattress sanitising and cleaning service which is 100% dry and 100% free of harmful chemicals is used daily in guesthouses, homes, hospitals and hotels throughout South Africa.

We offer a service plan to suit your specific needs, suggesting 6 month cycles to once a year sanitising and deep-cleaning.

The Fresh UV Cleaner will eliminate dust mites, mould, bacteria, fungi and any bugs by means of photochemical damage to the DNA of these microorganisms.

The deep-clean process coupled with a powerful "HEPA filtered extraction device", will leave your mattresses dust and bug free as well as enticingly fresh.

Internationally, the process we use is recognised in the hospitality industry and recommended.

Our cleaning products are GREEN; thus no harm to the environment or to your guests.

Bedside branding in the form of coasters will ensure customer peace-of-mind that the beds in your establishment have been professionally sanitised by UV-C.

Your responsibility to their well-being is thus certified.


Minimal downtime in your business depending on the amount of rooms. Your beds are ready to go after our service process.

An average guesthouse with 8 rooms will be easily serviced within 3 hours, the service includes the mattress and base as well as all pillows and duvet inners.

No drying time, no bad odours and no empty beds over night.

Your Persian rugs and loose rugs can be deep-cleaned on site as part of our service at a very competitive price and without the risks of watermarks and colour-runs.

Call us for a free mattress test and / or quote today!

"no dust or mites...just peaceful nights!"

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Sakkie Tait
081 060 3356

Somerset West

Andre Bouwer
082 876 5480

Areas Servicing

  • Eastern Cape
  • Swaziland
  • Western Cape

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